Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial property owners trust Ultimate FIlm Pros for professional window tinting services. Our team of Portland window tinting experts provide the highest quality results and will ensure the job is done right the first time. Because of our commitment to quality we have been recognized as a Select Pro Exclusive Window Film Dealer by Llumar and Vista Film, a status very few dealers achieve.

When most people hear window tinting they think about automotive window tinting.  However, commercial window tinting offers many benefits to business owners. Commercial window films help improve the look of a building or storefront while reducing energy costs and even securing a business.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduced UV Rays, Glare and Energy Costs – A warm summer day can cause temperatures within an office building to rise quickly, especially those open to direct sunlight.  This can create an uncomfortable work environment for employees, not to mention clients and guests.  Commercial window tinting films screen out significant amounts of UV rays, heat and glare from entering the work environment, softening the light while reducing heat. Businesses will see an immediate return on any window tinting investment when commercial films are installed by reducing energy costs up to 50% month over month.
  • Improve Curb Appeal –  Commercial property owners and developers can spend millions of dollars on a commercial development and with such a substantial investment they want the property to show like a diamond ring.  Window tint can dramatically improve the look of a commercial building or storefront.  Commercial tint not only helps improve the look on the outside, but decorative films such as patterned and frosted films can help maintain brand identity for any business.
  • Protect Flooring, Furniture and Office Equipment from Sun Rays – The sun’s powerful rays can harm an office’s interior. Interior space can experience damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and UV rays from the sun, such as fading of merchandise, furniture, carpet, draperies and equipment. Window films can reject up to 99% of destructive UV light, protecting your valuable office furniture and equipment.
  • More Safety with Commercial Safety Films – For most businesses windows may be the one of the most vulnerable parts or your building. Commercial window films are available in thick, security window film versions, which help hold window glass in place if shattered.  Safety films also help reduce the chances of burglary, preventing costly property damage and personal injury.

Explore Commercial Tinting Options

Ultimate Film Pros has an assortment of commercial tinting solutions for your office or storefront.  From decorative and safety films, to heat reduction and anti glare.  Check out our Commercial Tint Viewer to see some of these custom solutions.


Cut Energy Costs In Half

Commercial Window Films are proven to dramatically reduce energy costs for commercial buildings, in some cases up to 50%.  Take a look at our Energy Savings Calculator to see how much you could be saving!