Bird Safety Films

Bird Safety films have become increasingly popular as damage to windows due to bird collisions is a common problem. In addition to property damage and potential distractions in the office, it can severely injure and even kill birds.  So why is this such an issue?

The simple answer is, birds can’t see glass. Birds only see a reflection of the landscape (trees, bushes, water, sky) in windows or in the reflective exterior films on office towers and other structures. From a “bird’s eye”, glass is an invisible barrier to their habitat.

In attempt to help reduce bird strikes window film makers have developed bird safety films or anti bird strike films. Bird Safety film is designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass, using small patterns within the films that birds are able to detect as a barrier.  Our bird deterrent films are the best way to prevent future bird strikes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Effective and Durable  –This film is easily applied to exterior glass, outside surface, and is made of a durable, crystal clear,  scratch resistant polyester film. This film has an expected outdoor life of 7 years and is cleanly and easily removed and replaced if needed. Our bird safety film has proved to be 100% successful. It is installed at the Philadelphia Zoo and Bronx Zoo and they have reported no fatalities since the bird safety film installation. The lines are specially designed to break reflections on the glass allowing the birds to see that there is an obstruction.
  • Custom Decorative Options – Artist Ashley Cecil has developed several alluring patterns from a series of original paintings she created during an extensive artist residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The artwork is not only effective at preventing bird strikes but adds a custom decorative look to your exterior windows.
  • Works On Reflective Glass – The Trellis Pattern Bird Safety film is specially designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass, thus suffering an injury or death and causing potential damage to property. If your home or office utilizes a reflective films the Trellis Pattern Film will help in preventing bird strikes.
  • Less Distraction, A Clean Conscious  – Distractions in the workplace can have an impact on bottom line.  And while not all distractions are preventable, bird strikes are.  Now you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your business, and the birds, are protected from these avoidable accidents.

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