Security and Anti-Graffiti Films

Safety and security films can be barely noticeable, but help reduce damage from break-ins, vandalism, accidents, and mother nature. These films are designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows and doors, while preserving an attractive exterior appearance. They are engineered with a heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives. Once installed, safety and security film shield against unwelcome surprises. Trust it to maintain the physical integrity of your property and your confidence in security, too.

Using metal bars on glass doors and windows projects a safety or security concern to potential customers. Security films provide an attractive or unnoticed, alternative that’s optically clear and virtually invisible to the eye. Tenants and customers will appreciate the unobstructed views and added safeguard these protective window films provide.

If graffiti has been an issue we offer anti graffiti films that can help you fight back against troublesome vandals.  Anti-graffiti films provide a layer of protection that makes graffiti disappear, saving you difficult clean up, and costly repairs.

security and anti graffiti film in portland

Features and Benefits

  • Incredible Protection –Exterior safety and security films deliver impressive protection against theft or intrusion, natural disasters and everyday accidents. They are engineered to keep burglars out while preventing shattered glass cleanup and other costly property damage.
  • A Better Alternative –  When it comes to protecting your property there are many options.  But most send a warning sign that your business has security concerns.  Safety films are nearly invisible to the naked eye so they don’t alarm your customers or tenants, but still provide that added level of security.
  • No More Graffiti – Anti-graffiti film is made specifically for installation on smooth exterior surfaces such as glass and stainless steel. If damaged by graffiti are easy to remove, making it simple for professionals to peel away both film and graffiti, and apply a new layer of protection.
  • Solar and Safety – For superior protection consider our Solar Safety Films. They provide protection from both harmful UV Rays as well as potential burglars, all without sacrificing of open views or natural light.

Anti-Graffiti Films Save You Money

Anti-Graffiti Films provide an invaluable level of protection to businesses that suffer from graffiti and vandalism.  Graffiti removal is now easier, and more cost effective with anti-graffiti films. Check out what anti-graffiti films can do for your business.


Secure Your Business With Security Film

Security Films provide an invisible barrier protecting the valuables of your business from burglars and vandals.  These security films protect your business without giving a warning sign to your potential customers.