Anti-Graffiti Film

What is Anti-Graffiti Film?

Anti-graffiti film is a clear film applied to the exterior of the glass. It protects the glass from graffiti, such as scratching and spray paint, since it takes the damage inflicted. Even though a graffiti artist may think they are damaging the glass, they are actually only damaging the film. If the anti-graffiti film is damaged, it is applied with a low tack adhesive, making it easy to peel off and replace at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or graffiti restoration.

4 mm Thickness

If your primary concern is protecting the glass from spray paint or other graffiti art, the 4 mm option will work well. 


6 mm Thickness

If you need to protect your glass against scratching and etching, the 6 mm film will offer better protection.

Avoid Repairs, Cleanup and Damage with Anti-Graffiti Film


Fight Against New Tagging Types

When you think of graffiti, spray paint is probably what comes to mind. Unfortunately, taggers have evolved. Now they also use etching tools, acid, or even permanent markers. Our anti-graffiti film is a way to fight back. It’s a nearly invisible layer of sacrificial film that protects against multiple types of tagging.


Engineered for Smooth Surface

We’ve engineered this film specifically to help protect smooth surfaces, such as glass and stainless steel. 


Quick to Install, Easy to Remove

It’s durable, yet quick for professional installers to remove and replace. When they pull the film away, graffiti damage comes with it. And with installation of new film, your property is once again ready to make a good impression – and stand up to troublesome taggers.


More Cost Effective Than Window Replacement

You can have anti-graffiti film removed and re-installed many times over before it reaches the same cost as replacement of a single retail window. This makes it an excellent way to help prevent permanent damage to storefronts, public spaces, bathroom mirrors, elevator interiors and more.


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Foster Quality & Integrity.


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Anti-graffiti Film Brands That We Love and Carry

Our main brand is LLumar, but we also use Solar Guard, Sun Tech, and Avery. At Ultimate Film Pros, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. If you have a specific brand and type of anti-graffiti film you want to use for your project, give us a call and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

Anti-graffiti Film FAQ

Does anti-graffiti film offer any security and safety features?
Anti-graffiti film offers security and safety by adding a layer of protection on the outside of the glass. With the extra layer of film, you are adding a 4 to 6 mm layer of protection, making it harder to get through. The major difference between security and safety film and anti-graffiti film is in the adhesive used to apply it.
Is anti-graffiti film easy to clean?
Anti-graffiti film has a smooth surface, making it easy to clean. The slick coating applied to the film is similar to the hard coating protecting the paint on a car. For regular maintenance, wipe the film with a soft sponge soaked in a mixture of mild soap and water, then towel dry.
What should you do if your anti-graffiti film is damaged by graffiti?

Unfortunately, graffiti cannot be cleaned off and scratching cannot be restored. If your anti-graffiti film is damaged, it will need to be replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing glass.

How long does anti-graffiti film last?

Depending on the elements it is exposed to, anti-graffiti film can last up to 10 years.

How does replacing anti-graffiti film compare to replacing damaged glass?
Replacing anti-graffiti film costs $6 to $7 per square foot. If you need to replace damaged glass, your cost will range from $18 to $25 per square foot.

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