Decorative film

What is Decorative film?

Decorative film is a window tint that has been enhanced in some way. It provides some privacy, but it usually changes the look of the glass through various frosting, tones, textures, and colors.

There are endless uses for decorative film. With over 300 different styles, there is an option to fit any project.


Colored Films


Textured Films


Frosted Films


Gradient Films


Patterned Privacy Films


Glasslike Distortion


Made To Size Films


Custom Patterns and More!

Decorative film for Commercial Spaces


Privacy & Separation of Space

Decorative film is often used to separate offices and modern workspaces. It can separate spaces for privacy, but still maintain openness within an office. It can be used as interior decor to convey branding of certain locations as well.


Film Design that Matches Your Brand

Ensure your brand message gets amplified and noticed with customizable decorative film designs that can transform your interior office space. Take advantage of windows as an opportunity for branding and design, along with adding privacy, separation of conference/meeting rooms, and reducing unnecessary workplace injuries. 


Reduce Injuries, Provide Safety

Many offices choose to install decorative film to provide safety for employees. Offices are often designed with glass curtain walls surrounding conference rooms. This can cause a workplace hazard for people who may not realize they are encountering a window and not a walkthrough. Applying decorative film to the glass will define the space, preventing potential workplace injuries. We have recently installed frosted dots throughout a new school in Vancouver to protect the students from injury.

Decorative film for Homes


Spruce Up Your Home’s Interior

In residential spaces, decorative film is perfect for adding privacy and provides another interior design element to make your home more visually pleasing. A window may add a nice architectural feature to the home, but leave you feeling a little exposed. By adding a decorative film, you can still allow the light to come in, enjoying your privacy, and enjoy the beautiful patterns throughout the day.


Enhance Privacy Anywhere, Day and Night

Decorative film is great for stairway, garage door windows, and front door entry. We use decorative films in homes built close together here in Oregon and Washington. The enhanced effect of decorative film can provide privacy both day and night, unlike solar film which only provides daytime privacy. 


Keep Your Home Office Private

Do you work from home and want more privacy while working? Decorative film is perfect for adding privacy and preventing distractions in your home office. When applied to a glass door that doesn’t give you privacy during work, you will instantly feel more productive. You can choose to tint the entire glass door or choose a creative pattern. Our team is here for you!


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Decorative Film Brands That We Love and Carry

LLumar is our go-to film brand that offers three levels of frost. We also carry Solyx. At Ultimate Film Pros, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. If you have a specific brand and type of decorative film you want to use for your project, give us a call and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

Decorative Film FAQ

Is there any kind of decorative film product that offers privacy and allows you to see through it clearly?

At this time, there are no decorative film products that provide privacy and allow you to see clearly through the window.

Can I create a custom print for my decorative film?

Yes, decorative films can be printed with custom frosts.

Are there different levels of privacy available in decorative film?

Each step of decorative film has a different level of privacy.

Can you apply decorative film to shower doors?

Yes, decorative film can be applied to shower doors.

Can decorative film be exposed to moisture?

Decorative film needs a “cure period” of 24 to 48 hours before being exposed to moisture. After it has cured, it holds up well. 

Does decorative film reduce UV?

Each decorative film has a different degree of UV reduction, as determined by many manufacturers. Decorative films will offer some UV reduction, although it may be less than the 99% you would expect from solar control film.

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