Security and Safety Film

What is security and safety film?

Security and safety film is 4 to 13 mm clear or tinted material that is applied to strengthen windows, making it harder to penetrate or force through. Security and safety film can be used for weather protection, bomb blast, or even an earthquake. Instead of glass shattering in an emergency situation, the film keeps the glass together.

Security and safety film is offered as either clear or reflective and comes in a variety of thickness options. You can choose 4mm, 7mm, 8mm, or 13mm. 


Clear Security and Safety Film

Clear security and safety film is hard to detect. It’s a great option for schools, government buildings, and many other properties needing extra protection and peace of mind. Clear security and safety film comes in N1020, N1040, and N1050.


Reflective Security and Safety Film with Solar Control

The reflective option is designed as a combination of the clear security and safety film and solar control film. This 2-in-1 film has outstanding solar control benefits that complement its safety features. A reflective coating is applied to the back of the safety film, providing privacy, heat reduction, and the safety features you are looking for. This film comes in R20.

Why choose security and safety film?


Reduce Forced Entry and Robbery

The security and safety film can reduce forced entry or robbery by making windows hard to get through. We have used this film in active shooter protocols for government and school buildings and privately-owned retail stores to prevent smash-and-grab theft. It is also an excellent option for homes where safety is a concern.


Strengthen Older Glass, Avoid Expensive Replacement

In large commercial buildings, replacing weak and old windows can be expensive. By adding a layer of our security and safety film on old glass, we make it safer to protect against theft and other safety threats without the need for replacement.


Heat Reduction and Privacy

Our solar security and safety film is a great option if you own a business and need heat reduction, have privacy needs, and have security concerns. With our solar safety and security film, you get the high heat reduction and privacy you need in one product.


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Security & Safety Film Brands That We Love and Carry

LLumar, Avery, Solar Guard, and SunTek are the main brands we carry. At Ultimate Film Pros, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. If you have a specific brand and type of security and safety film you want to use for your project, give us a call and we will do everything we can to make that happen. 

Security and Safty Film FAQ

Will the glass still break with the security and safety film applied to it?
Glass strengthened with security and safety film can still break, but it will hold together. During a theft, the film makes the glass harder to get through, and shatter resistant during a disaster.
Does security and safety film help bring old glass up to meet safety glass standards?
Security and safety film will bring old glass up to code.
What kind of natural disasters are security and safety film best to protect against?
The security and safety film will protect against any natural disaster that may cause the windows to blast or break. It performs well against the high winds of hurricane events and the force of earthquakes.
Does the security and safety film make it harder for bullets to penetrate?
The security and safety film is not designed to make it harder for bullets to penetrate.

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